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What is THIR$TY?

Conceived & Directed by

David Diamond and Kathryn Ricketts



Andrew Johnston
Three in the Back; Two in the Head; Three Penny Opera

Paulo Ribeiro
War of the Worlds -- Jessie Nominated

Michelle Olson
The River-Home; Raven Restores the Sun to the Sky

Noah Lepawsky
Derwent is Different; A Midsummer Nights' Dream; The Cradle Will Rock

Todd Thomson
Wit; Antony and Cleopatra; Kilt -- Jessie Nominated

Live sound by Noah Drew
Two Jessie Awards for sound design: Kicked and The Lonely Cowboy

Also featuring the voices of:

Nuu-Chal-Nuuth Chief Simon Lucas

Sheila Patterson


Joanne P.B. Smith
Stage Manager

Set, Costume & Props Design:
Yvan Morissette
Dreams of Reality, Wasps, and Persephone's Season-all Jessie Nominated

Barbara Clayden
The Lonely Cowboy-Jessie Award, Spektator, The Yoko Ono Project

Projection Design:
Tim Matheson
The Yoko Ono Project, FLOP, Corporate U

Lighting Design:
Shane Droucker
The Dead Reckoning, Confessions of an Indian Cowboy, Corporate U. Nominated for three Jessies in 2001

Technical Director:
Harry Vanderschee

David Cooper

Five Stones Creative
Poster design