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Audience Endorsements

“I attended 2º of fear and desire last Saturday and was completely blown away by the experience. As a sustainability educator, I have been attending numerous conferences and meetings to gather a reading on what people are actually doing to make effective action and changes regarding climate change.  I always leave such events saddened because they usually simply add to the ever-growing grave database about the severity of the matter, but fall short of analyzing why our society has become the way it is in order to break free from it and create the drive and motivation to change.
Experiencing 2º was so refreshing because it went straight to the source, the human psyche, and examined it with honesty, respect, and witty humour. Furthermore, the performance was strikingly tangible and personal to the audience members and participants.  The show helped each of us understand our mental processes a bit better, and develop a sort of solidarity with each other in recognizing and processing through our common struggles. Thank you so much for the wonderfully deep work you have done.” 

Elisa Lee, Vancouver BC (Nov, 2007)

"This is just a brief note to express my gratitude for your continued contribution to making our community (both the local, geographic one and the greater 'human' one) imminently more livable. attended 2º of Fear and Desire on Nov 9, which not only has inspired me to critically explore my own 'internal monologue' with respect to climate change, but has impressed upon me the power of Theatre for Living to coalesce the individual creative energy in our communities into constructive dialogue out of which substantive change emerges.  The key, as you are clearly aware, is that this energy emerges organically from the community which is engaged by Headlines, as opposed to the more traditional activist model of hierarchical, ideological direction from above."
Grant Jamieson, Vancouver BC (Nov, 2007)

“Thank you so much for 2º of Fear and Desire this evening on climate change. I left with a feeling of hope that I haven't had for some time now. It is precisely this kind of courageous self-exploration and community-building that needs to happen in order to effect real change on this most complex and global of issues."
Marian Rose, Vancouver BC (Nov, 2007)

Ever since attending 2º of Fear and Desire at The Rhizome Cafe, my experience of the climate change issue has shifted. It is no longer such an abstract thing that I THINK about; now, when I read articles in the newspaper or see images in print or on the web I find myself FEELING the issue as I read and take in the images: I am now (re)connected to the issue.

The range of emotions are similar to those I've experienced when a close friend has wrestled with what is said to be a terminal illness. Grief...the kind that contracts your breathing and tightens your the chief emotion. Carpooling up to Bellingham from Seattle with a friend of mine, I could see and feel many (previously) hidden connections. And, as I move amongst these hidden connections I find myself reminded of fragments from the literature on the fear of death, the fear of annihilation. In light of these emotions and this expanded way of seeing and thinking about these previously hidden connections, I begin to get a better sense (though still not an understanding) of the human, all too human, resistance to funding 2º of Adaptation...and the human, all too human, resistance to opening one's heart and one's eyes to the human face of climate change.
Adam Ward, Bellingham WA, December 2007