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A cool, eye-opening Ecological Footprint Quiz
Helps you to set energy reduction goals while keeping track of the process.
Energy Advisors offering energy efficiency options for your home, individualized retrofit plans and energy assessments, as well as info to access current grants and incentives available to reduce the costs of energy efficiency upgrades.
Light House is a local information and education centre offering ideas to make your home, work and community more sustainable.
The Vancouver Renewable Energy Coop (VREC) is a registered cooperative installing affordable renewable energy systems and a carbon offsets shop.

Searching for the Good Life in Carbon Neutral BC:
Non-profit computer re-use & recycling centre.
A learning resource for teachers.
A 20-minute look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns.
A great source of information on ideas about business and government leadership on climate change.
A blog of a family's journey to reduce their impact on the planet.