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"As a physician who works in the Downtown Eastside with substance-dependent patients, I found the Headlines Theatre production of Meth a riveting depiction of people's inner conflicts around drug addiction and, too, of the conflicts addiction creates in their social world. The play was a realistic representation of some of the physical and psychological risks incurred when young people become hooked on crystal meth. The powerful lesson this dramatically conceived and executed production conveyed was that even a few words, if offered with compassionate presence and attention, can alter the self-destructive trajectory of another human being's life."
E-mail from Gabor Maté M.D., audience member, November 30, 2006

"[Meth is an] in-your-face public broadcasting of THE REAL DANGERS of meth addiction. I froze time and stepped into the body on stage and vied for a different outcome then the previous one shown. I say Fuck YEA! this is what this shit can really do to you. NOW what are you going to do to help the situation out?"
CERO, audience member, November 30, 2006 (from his blog)

"I found Meth to be one of the most helpful sessions around addiction – on a grass roots personal action level – I've ever attended. I really appreciated its gentleness and compassion, within the harsh material with which you are dealing. And a special congratulations for the performers. It takes so much courage and generosity to go to these places they are sharing with us."
E-mail from Savannah Walling, audience member, Dec. 1, 2006

”[Headlines' Meth] leads to an immediacy of understanding that no amount of well-intentioned discussion can achieve. Many of the [audience] interventions demonstrated that when people attempt to make meaningful connections, it can go a long way toward filling the hole that addiction—whether to drugs, alcohol, or work—keeps trying to fill. …director Diamond skillfully brings home the point that even the smallest gesture can open the door to positive change."
Kathleen Oliver, Georgia Straight, December 7, 2006


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