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READ the letter, "Dr. Shelley Hymel's study on the effects of 'Theatre for Living' in Anti-Bullying work."

How to not get your ass kicked...

Get involved!
The following organizations are interested in youth participation.

Get informed!

For an index of youth services in Vancouver, Watari has developed a useful guide which is available online at http://watari.org/ The online guide is only an index; it does not have all the contact information, but you can get a hard copy of the guide (a funky little spiral bound book!) by contacting Watari at info@watari.org.


Bullying Site Banner

www.bullying.org is a multiple award-winning web site that was created to help people around the world deal positively with the issues of bullying and teasing. Bullying.org is a supportive, safe online community where people can learn that they are NOT alone in being bullied and teased, that being bullied and teased is NOT their fault and that they CAN do something about it.

People can contribute their personal stories, poems, images, oral stories (audio files), music and even animations and movies. Bullying.org also has a "Helpful Resources" page that features many other helpful resources for those looking for further information about bullying and teasing. Bullying.org is the number one web site in the world about bullying.

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Read more about Theatre For Living and yearly training workshops.