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We will be live streaming the performance, and you can interact from wherever you are in the world, using a 'webactor' as your intervener. More information will come shortly.

Headlines Theatre's 2009 production Us and Them will be broadcast as a live, interactive webcast from the Cultch Historic Theatre on:

November 12, 2011 at 8pm (Pacific Standard Time)
pre-show: 7:45pm PST
curtain: 8:00pm PST

Please join early so you don't miss the start!

What is a webcast?
A webcast is a live broadcast online. Headlines Theatre is a pioneer in webcasting plays, with a 22 year history of hosting live, interactive television (from 1989) and then web casts (from 2000) of our theatre productions. The Us and Them webcast is happening in collaboration with SHAW Television.

The Us and Them webcast will include a chat space so viewers around the world can talk with 'webactors' (actors who are on computers backstage) who will make interventions on stage on the viewers' behalf.

How do I stream the webcast?
You will need an Internet connection fast enough to stream video, i.e. if you can play YouTube clips, you can stream the webcast. The Adobe Flash video player that can play YouTube video can be found here

How do I access the chat and the web actors?

You may use the provided Java IRC chat tool.

If you are using a smartphone, there is a web-based chat client available.

If you know what an IRC client is and wish to use your own client instead, use the following settings:
channels: #chat and #help
To talk to a web actor, private message webactor1, webactor2, or webactor3.

Closer to Nov. 12, check back here for more info, or contact: / 1.604.871.0508