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Lillian Carlson, Nana
Lillian's love for the theatre and awareness of social justice awakened on a snowy night in the 30s, in a small hall in North Burnaby . Her parents had taken her to see ãWaiting for Leftyä by Clifford Odets, about the struggle of unions for their rights.

Lillian has worked in the professional theatre for over 50 years, culminating in the receipt of an ACTRA lifetime achievement award in 1999. Since the age of 18, she has been a fixture on Vancouver stages and screens. She has worked with Katherine Hepburn, Peter Falk and other film greats, and recently had a recurring role on DaVinci's Inquest.

Lillian raised four children on welfare, and is well acquainted with the struggles that arose in the community workshop.

Lincoln Clarkes, Slide Design/ Poster Photographer
Lincoln has had numerous exhibitions and works regularly for many publications. Last summer, his Heroines series was a featured cover story in the Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine. Lincoln also won a recent Vancouver City Book Award, and has been featured in a film documentary that appeared on Bravo, WTN, and CBC. He lives in Vancouver 's Strathcona neighbourhood and is represented by Diane Farris Gallery.

Jen Cressey, Publicist
Jen has been an active creator, producer, and publicist of grass-roots cultural events for more than 10 years. She is best known as producer of cabarets that have been staged at the Wise Hall, the Waldorf Hotel, Heritage Hall, and the Anza Club where she will stage her May 1 show, ãThe System is Downä. Jen has also worked with Flick Harrison to produce digital videos "The Victory Party", "Marie Tyrell", and others under the banner of Video Nasty Strike Force.

Being a part of the Headlines team is a great honour for Jen, who finds inspiration in their marriage of theatrical excellence with social conscience.

Jackie Crossland, Financial Administrator
Jackie has many years experience in Vancouver 's arts community both as an administrator and as a theatre artist. She combines her administrative and artistic skills to make a unique contribution to the organizations that she has been associated with over the years. In addition, she has been to clown school so your company is safe with her. Career Highlights include: Executive Director, Public Dreams Society; Co-Artistic Director, Random Acts Productions; Associate Artistic Director, Tamahnous Theatre; and General Manager, Headlines Theatre.

David Diamond , Artistic and Managing Director/Joker
Since 1981 David has directed over 300 community specific theatre projects on issues such as racism, gender roles, violence, addiction, self-esteem, First Nations' Residential Schools, language reclamation and many, many others. David has directed workshops throughout BC, Canada and the USA , as well as in Namibia , New Zealand , Germany , Austria , Italy , Singapore and Finland . He has also been involved in the writing and/or directing of all of Headlines' main stage plays, and has pioneered the development of live, interactive Forum Television and web casting.

Carrie Gallant, B.A., LL.B., Legal Consultant
Carrie Gallant is president of Gallant Solutions Inc., a consulting company providing mediation, training, coaching and conflict management systems design services. Carrie is also Program Manager with the Court Mediation Program in BC Provincial Court , where she oversees program implementation, and provides training and supervision of mediators. Carrie is an adjunct professor at UBC Law School , and a director and mentor with the CoRe Conflict Resolution Society at UBC, which provides mediation and other dispute resolution processes for campus and community disputes. Previously, Carrie was Director of the Centre for Conflict Resolution at the Justice Institute of British Columbia; Director of the Mediation Service at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law; and Chief Legal Counsel to the Ontario Pay Equity Commission. Carrie holds an LL.B. and B.A. from Queen's University, and has completed all course work towards an LL.M. in Dispute Resolution from Osgoode Hall Law School . Carrie was called to the bar in Ontario , and is working towards a call to the bar in British Columbia . She has also taken Headlines Theatre for Living Training last summer.

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Jennifer Girard, Outreach Coordinator
Jennifer has worked with a variety of community groups and brings to Headlines knowledge, experience and leadership in the areas of theatre-in-education, popular education and cross-cultural education, particularly in the context of social and economic justice. She thrives on creating links between people, ideas and resources and is delighted to be a part of this company and its community.

Patrick Keating, Marty
Since graduating from Simon Fraser's School for the Contemporary Arts, Patrick has worked as an actor with several Vancouver Theatre companies, most recently in K with Rumble Theatre where he continues to be an artistic associate and in Respectable and An Enemy of the People with the Firehall Theatre Company. He can also be seen in locally made T.V. and film productions. He is currently working on a one person show dealing with issues of the criminal justice system.

This is Patrick's first attempt at Forum theatre but has worked with Headlines before as a stage manager in Under the Gun and An Enemy Within . While not currently receiving welfare, Patrick, like most artists in Canada , earns below the poverty line and recognizes just how close we are to the street.

Emily Mayne, Elaine
Born in Burnaby and raised in the East Kootenay region of BC, Emily is the eldest of four adopted children.

Starting in 1997 with the birth of her son Chayse, Emily entered the crazy, rewarding world of single parenthood. She also earned her Associate of Arts degree from the College of the Rockies , cycled on and off of welfare, took on an inordinate amount of student loan debt, and in 2002 she earned her BA in Psychology from Simon Fraser University . During her time at SFU, Emily worked in the Criminology and Anthropology departments, as well as volunteering with SFU's Out On Campus. Since graduating, Emily has been employed with the BC Ministry of Human Resources as an Employment and Assistance Worker. She is also a volunteer public speaker for the John Howard Society of the Lower Mainland and a tireless advocate for restorative justice measures for youth and young offenders.

James Mickelson, Trade
James was born and raised in Prince Rupert. As a young adult, he worked as a fisherman, putting in 17 hour days and 6 day weeks for 2 years, until work dried up and he was laid off. James then came to Vancouver seeking employment, ending up on the street when his search proved unsuccessful.

A dual citizen, when James received a call to join the U.S. Army and serve in the 1990 war in Iraq, he went. He served for one tour of duty and resigned a sergeant. Upon returning to Vancouver, James found work through temp agencies, and ended up on welfare periodically when work was impossible due to post-traumatic stress from his military service.

He has, however, made use of the medical attendant certification he achieved while in service. James volunteers extensively, notably for the Anti Poverty Committee. He was a coordinator and media spokesman for the tent city squat and continues his work to help those suffering from poverty.

Theresa Myles, Karla
Theresa was born in Halifax, where she grew up. She studied anthropology at St. Mary's University and then spent time in Montreal and Toronto, where she did office work and performed as a dancer.

Theresa traveled to Vancouver, and after several visits succumbed to the pull of the mountains and the ocean, and decided to move here. Since in Vancouver, Theresa has worked at VGH and the Abbeyfield independent senior's home, as well as conducting research for the Kemano completion project. Battling depression, she has been on and off welfare for several years .

Caitlin Pencarrick, Lighting Designer
Caitlin has designed lights for PGT Productions, Intermuses Productions, Theatre at UBC, Arts Umbrella, Out to Lunch Players, En Avant Theatre and countless fly-by-night companies. She has been Stage Manager and/or Technical Director on numerous tours, cruises and in-town productions. A graduate of UBC, she is pleased to be working on a show that affects change, and to be joined by this fabulous group of people. Thanks to Amos, Cheese and Bongo.

Mélissa C. Powell, Stage Manager
Mélissa a graduate from UBC in Theatre Production and Design, she looks forward to the day when she can live in France. However in the meantime recent theatre credits include Stage Management for ãOf Mice and Menä (Of Mice and Mentors Equity Co-op), ãCyrano de Bergeracä (The Mentor's Project) , ãDon't Say A Wordä (Headlines Theatre Company), ãThe Falstaff Projectä (Theatre at UBC) and Assistant Stage Manager, ãOh What a Lovely Warä for Theatre at UBC. She is glad to working the Headlines Theatre Company again, and being a to take a stand in something that is important. She would like to thank David and the cast, for this amazing experience.

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Sandra Pronteau, Angel
Sandra is a Cree-Metis from The Pas, Manitoba. She studied at the Vancouver Native Education Centre (NEC), where she earned a certificate in Family and Community Counseling in 1999. The following year, she enrolled in a Criminal Justice program, also at the NEC.

Sandra is the mother of four children and has taken an active role in their education. She lead a protest to demand more support for classroom assistants, and increased funding for all students in the Sunrise Inner City Schools, an impoverished area of Vancouver. More recently, she has appeared before the BC Human Rights Commission to address violations and systemic discrimination towards Aboriginal Children and families.

Sandra was a member of the Vancouver Richmond Health Board - Aboriginal Population and Health Advisory Committee. She also serves on Bridge Society for Women Housing Project in the downtown east side of Vancouver.

Marina Szijarto, Costume Designer
Marina is a visual artist who works in Community Arts, Theatre and Celebration. She has worked extensively for such companies as Public Dreams, Mortal Coil, The Leaky Heaven Circus, NeWorld Theatre and The Caravan Farm Theatre. Recent projects include costume and set design for ãIn the Heart of a Cityä the Downtown Eastside community play, ãThe Nightingaleä at The Caravan Farm Theatre, ãThe Adventures of Ali and Ali and the Axes of Evilä, with Neworld Theatre, and costumes for ãThe Mad Woman of Chaillotä at Studio 58. Marina has been nominated for 5 Jessie Richardson awards (for best costume design for small theatre), and in 2002 received a Jessie for The Electric Company's ãThe One That Got Awayä.

Harry Vanderschee, Technical Director/ Designer
Mr. V. Has been in this biz for longer than he cares to remember·This is his first set design.

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