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" terms of Forum Theatre practice, Headlines sets the standard in Canada."
The Canada Council

Dear Friends,

We need your help

Headlines is embarking on an exciting new project called Practicing Democracy and we are seeking your financial support.

Practicing Democracy is about making community-based law. The idea - using interactive theatre to come up with solutions to real problems - originates from Augusto Boal's Legislative Theatre work in Brazil. Nothing of its kind has been done in Canada before.

If you live in the Vancouver area, you may have taken part in selecting the topic for this theatre event. When we asked Vancouver residents which topic would be most relevant to local democracy, they chose "How can the City of Vancouver respond to cuts to welfare?"

While the changes to welfare policy are the jurisdiction of the Provincial Government, the impacts will be felt locally. Practicing Democracy means making choices about how we support those who are most affected. How can the City of Vancouver and its residents respond to the Provincial policy changes and not criminalize people in poverty?

If you don't live in Vancouver area, why lend your support?

  • Vancouver is an easier place to survive over the winter. People will be migrating here from around the Province. This project has the potential to assist people from your BC community.
  • We are creating a participatory model that may be relevant to other parts of the country and the US.

In March 2004, Headlines will invite you to Practice Democracy! To find out more, please read the information on this website.

We are very grateful for your ongoing interest and support. Headlines is a registered charity and will provide a tax deductible receipt.

Headlines is once again at the forefront of creating provocative, innovative and engaging theatre. Please assist us in Practicing Democracy!

Many thanks,

David Diamond
Artistic and Managing Director/Joker