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The Company

The Cast

• Kayla Cardinal – Kayla is 19 years old and from Prince George. Kayla struggled with her own journey involving crystal meth, and has been on the road to recovery since 2005. After making the choice to go to detox, Kayla became very involved with this type of theatre work because it allows her to explore and express her beliefs in a safe environment.
Kayla believes theatre is very powerful, and wants to use her experiences in life to help people to see the truth about addictions. She hopes people will take this opportunity as a chance to learn.

• Jordan Fields – Jordan was adopted as a baby. Growing up knowing that his brother and sister were of his parents’ blood and he was uncomfortable on a deep emotional level, as far back as he can remember. His feelings of being disconnected and alone carried into his early teen years, when he started using drugs as a way to numb intense emotions and as a way to try and fit in. In later teen years his drug use exploded into heavier drug use within very dangerous environments.
He spent many years in the underground rave scene which eventually led him to the streets. Once on the streets crime and crystal meth became his only means of survival. After extreme deterioration of his health and extended jail sentences he finally hit rock bottom. It was in this very vulnerable state that he was able to be introduced to detox and recovery.
It has been over three years now since he has used Meth. Since then he has discovered ways to drop his street mentality and develop a new set of life skills. He now holds a new appreciation for life, and spends his time working, producing music and having awesome adventures with friends and family.

• Cody Gray – Cody is 19. He is an ex meth addict who has been clean since 2005. He had very rough experiences during his addiction including a psychotic experience that led to heart failure. Since he quit he’s been trying very hard to give the knowledge he’s gained through life experience to others.
Cody has been acting in Forum Theatre for approximately four years and enjoys writing and creating music. He hopes you enjoy the show because Truth is Knowledge.

• Betsy Ludwig – Betsy is a mother, grandmother, sister, and aunt who is concerned with the well-being of people and believes that education is better than punishment, as education prevents a lot of suffering through drug and alcohol addiction. Her own experience with addicted loved ones has shown her that addictions are carried down through generations. As a mother Betsy spent a lot of time teaching life skills at home and now she spends her time in the community sharing her life experiences. She wants to make a difference in the community.
Betsy was an extra in the movie Clan of the Cave Bear, and acted in Annie Get Your Gun, and Reclaiming Aboriginal Languages. She also teaches Gitxsan language and culture.

• Sophie Merasty – Sophie is of the Dene and Cree Nations originating from Reindeer Lake in Northern Manitoba. Her own personal experience with a loved one’s crystal meth addiction is what makes her involvement in this project much more meaningful and important. Sophie has worked extensively in the performing arts since 1983 and has performed across Canada including the Yukon. She was an original cast member of the 1992 Headlines production and tour of Out of the Silence. Her experience involves producing, directing, workshopping and developing new plays. She has also performed in film, TV, video and radio drama.

• Herb Varley – Herb is 24 years old from the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Nation. He has seen too many friends fall into the world of meth a drug that makes people rip off their friends and that destroys relationships. He has seen people who he would never have thought would become drug addicts go nowhere with their lives. Herb feels that if the Shattering Project can help just one person not get involved in drugs all of the hard work that went into creation and rehearsals will have been worth it.

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The Production Team

• Dafne Blanco - Community Outreach Coordinator Dafne has been involved with several grassroots organizations and art groups since she arrived from Mexico in 1996. Using her visual arts background, Dafne has put together several multimedia presentations to promote popular education on the areas of First Nations struggles, Racism, Globalization and other social issues. She has been a Headlines’ staff member since 2004.

• Christopher Bromley - Publicist Christopher is well known for providing publicity and marketing expertise across a wide array of industries for the past eight years. Early in his career he recognized that his diverse experience in entertainment marketing, art direction, public relations and design allowed him a unique understanding of communications management and he is excited to be bringing these talents to the Headlines Theatre team.
Christopher completed his education in Communications Design at York University and Sheridan College in Toronto.

• Derek Butt - Stage Manager This past summer Derek worked his seventh season with the Gros Morne Theatre Festival in Newfoundland as resident set designer and technical director. Last winter he stage managed Green Thumb Theatre’s BC tour of DerWent is Different. Over the past 35 years Derek has worked with companies from Nanaimo BC, to St. John’s Newfoundland as stage manager, designer, technical and production manager. Derek is pleased to be part of Headlines Theatre’s Shattering.

• Tim Cardinal - Technical Director/ Lighting Designer Tim has been working in theatre in Vancouver for 20 years. He toured with Headlines’ 1992 production, Out of the Silence, and Meth in 2006, and is pleased to be working with Headlines again. When not plying his trade, Tim can be found watching hockey games, cheering for the Canucks.

• Lincoln Clarkes - Slide Designer Mr. Clarkes is an award winning photographer in books, magazines and cinema. His series Heroines (addicted women) is published by Anvil press, and is a BRAVO! documentary distributed by the N.F.B. In 2003 he created stage images featured in Practicing Democracy produced by Headlines Theatre. Recently his photographs are presented in the Douglas Coupland movie everything’s gone green, and in a retrospective book entitled Views.

• Jackie Crossland - Financial Administrator Jackie has many years of experience in Vancouver’s arts community both as an administrator and as a theatre artist. She combines her administrative and artistic skills to make a unique contribution to the organizations that she has been associated with over the years. In addition, she has been to clown school so your company is safe with her.

• David Diamond - Director/Joker Since 1981 David has directed over 400 community specific theatre projects on issues such as racism, gender roles, violence, addiction, self-esteem, First Nations’ Residential Schools, globalization, language reclamation and many, many others. David has directed workshops throughout BC, Canada and the USA, as well as in Namibia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Italy, Singapore, Australia and Finland. He has also been involved in the writing and/or directing of all of Headlines’ main stage plays, including NO` XYA` (Our Footprints), Out of the Silence, Mamu, Squeegee, Corporate U, Don’t Say a Word, Here and Now and the Legislative Theatre project, Practicing Democracy. David has pioneered the development of live, interactive Forum Television and web casting.

Diamond is a 1975 graduate of the University of Alberta with a BFA in acting. He worked as a professional actor in theatre, television and film throughout Western Canada until 1981 when he co-founded Headlines Theatre. He is the originator of Headlines’ Theatre for Living workshops, which have evolved from Brazilian Director Augusto Boal’s ground-breaking Theatre of the Oppressed. In 1996 David was the first individual recipient of the City of Vancouver’s Cultural Harmony Award. In 2001 he received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University College of the Fraser Valley.

David’s book, Theatre for Living: the art and science of community-based dialogue was recently honoured with the American Alliance of Theatre and Education’s 2008 “Book of Distinction” award.

• Tanqueray Fisher - Crew Person Tanqueray is very excited to be joining the tour for the first time. She lives in Saskatoon, where her most recent projects include Rigoletto, The Buddy Holly Story and The Phantom of the Opera.

• Jane Henry - Costume Designer Jane started her career in leather jacket design in the mid 80’s and found herself drawn to costuming in theatre in the early 90’s. Theatre then led to film where the bulk of her work was as Assistant Costume Designer. The last 4 years have taken her down a dramatically different path; that of raising her child. Meth and now Shattering brought her back into the fold again. She is pleased to be working with such a great crew on a very inspiring project.

• Chris Hind - Sound Designer Chris has been a professional composer and sound designer since 1999 and a professional musician for over 14 years. Musically, Chris is inspired by the human condition and how we relate to our world spiritually, environmentally and socially. His background in the arts includes composing for film, theatre and feature film sound design/ mixing and editing. Chris has worked as a professional scriptwriter, audio instructor, director, consultant, camera assistant and actor in the film world.
Currently, Chris is writing, scoring and sound designing his second radio play for the CBC and developing a short animated film for the NFB.

• Adeline Huynh - Production Manager Adeline is a writer and filmmaker using art as a tool for community development. She has organized and facilitated writing and filmmaking workshops for several advocacy groups including “Antidote”, a multi-racial immigrant youth organization. In addition, she has been commissioned to produce films on anti-racism experiences. Her work has gained notice from the National Film Board of Canada, the Knowledge Network and CBC, as well as appearing in the Vancouver International Film Festival, Toronto International Reel Asian Film Festival, as well as throughout Canada and abroad.
A graduate of the University of Manitoba where she completed a degree in Political Science, she went on to study Creative Writing and Film at the University of Victoria.

• Becky Hynes – Support Person Becky was born and raised in Northwest BC, and has been living in Victoria and Vancouver for the past 11 years. While in Victoria she began doing social justice work as an activist in her community and worked with a number of community organizations including Out of the Rain Youth Shelter and the Victoria Native Friendship Centre. Becky has both experienced and worked with others around a range of substance use issues and is fascinated by the many ways people create positive change in their own lives and within community. In 2003 Becky received her degree in social work from the University of Victoria. She completed her MSW at UBC this past year focusing on the role of social change education in addressing issues around addiction. Becky is also an auntie, an artist, and a best friend to her dog Oscar. This is Becky’s first year with Shattering and she is thrilled to be part of the project.

• Yvan Morissette – Set Designer Based in Vancouver, Yvan has been designing for Theatre, Music and Special events for over 10 years. His designs have been seen on most stages around Vancouver, including The Vancouver Playhouse (River, Asylum of the Universe), the Arts Club Theatre (Complete works of Shakespeare, Carol’s Christmas), and four seasons at Bard on the Beach, among others. Recent credits include The Dissemblers and How it works for Touchstone Theatre, The view from Above for Ruby Slippers, and John and Beatrice for Pi Theatre. Yvan has also done work for the CBC Radio Orchestra, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Vancouver Chamber choir, and Musica Intima. Yvan is a graduate of Studio 58 in Vancouver.

• Robyn Volk- Crew Person Robyn has been working in theatre for many years and in different capacities. She enjoys making props and costumes, set painting, stage managing and being a running crew member. Most of her time is spent working at The Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver but she also works with other theatre groups and enjoys having time off.

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