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ADVISORY: The performance contains some coarse language, mild nudity and violence.

Us and Them
is performing at The Cultch (The Vancouver East Cultural Centre) at 1895 Venables Street from Oct 21 to Nov 12, 2011. The Cultch is located at Venables St and Victoria Drive in East Vancouver.

On Oct 28, 2011, the Radical Access Mapping Project performed the following accessibility
audit of the venue:

Vancouver East Cultural Centre (Theatre) Accessibilities Overview

Vancouver East Cultural Centre Full Accessibilities Audit

You can learn more about the mapping project and find other audited spaces here
If you would like a space audited, or have questions about structural accessibility in general, please contact and let's talk!

About the play: The play is approximately 45-50 minutes long. The entire event will be approximately 2 hours long. There will not be any intermission. During the first 45-50 minutes, because the production is very light/sound dependant and where the entrances/exits are at the Cultch in relation to the stage, we ask that no one enter or leave the theatre except in an emergency. Once the audience interactive part of the evening begins, audience members are free to come and go (with discretion, so as not to disturb others) as needed.

No strobe lights are used during the performance.

Please feel free to contact Headlines Theatres office (604.871.0508) for more questions about the venue and performance.