Buy, Buy, Vancouver (1981)

Buy, Buy, Vancouver poster

Headlines was founded by a group of artists in 1981 out of their concern about the housing crisis. There was nothing overly different about the work at this time. BUY, BUY VANCOUVER was straight agit-prop about social issues but the material was re-written every day to reflect changes in the news. BUY, BUY VANCOUVER, however, played to a community audience -- reaching people who do not normally go to the theatre and was supported extensively by local community organizations with a direct interest in the subject matter. Vancouver's (then) Mayor Harcourt took the play to Ottawa with him to the National All-Sector Conference on Housing, as he felt it articulated the voice of the homeless in the City. We ended up performing the play to a room-full of politicians, activists and developers in the Ballroom of the Chateau Laurier.


Buy Buy Vancouver photo 1

Nettie Wild, Susie Payne (laying down), David Diamond
Middle: Colin Thomas, Heidi Archibald
Standing: Jay Samwald

Photographer: unknown


Buy Buy Vancouver photo 2

The "Rentals-man Wrestling" scene
Left to right:  Foreground:  Nettie Wild, David Diamond
Background: Heidi Archibald, Colin Thomas

Photographer: unknown